Good to Know


All delegates will receive a badge. Participants are kindly requested to wear their badges throughout the Symposium, even at the social events. The replacement of lost or forgotten badges carries a € 25 charge. In order to facilitate the duplication of the badge, please present a copy of your registration confirmation as proof.

Official Language

All sessions will be held in English only. No translation will be provided.


The climate of Naples falls within the category of “Mediterranean”, meaning that its winters are mild and rainy while its summers are hot and dry. Naples also qualifies as a “subtropical” climate since its average summer days register a mean of 23º C. The warm season in Naples lasts from June through September and has monthly highs ranging from 26º C to 29.5º C. The lows range from 15º C to 18º C. The cold season runs from November though March, with lows ranging from 4ºC to 7.5º C and highs varying from 12.5º C to 17º C. May, June, September, and  October have have pleasantly mild temperatures.

EACCME Accreditation

1st IFSO-EC 2017 Symposium, II Mediterranean Obesity Surgery Summit (MOSS), and the Bariatric and Metabolic Live Surgery Symposium was granted 14 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).
The EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS),


In Italy, as in most of Western Europe, the official currency is the Euro (€).

Credit cards: MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Maestro and Visa are widely accepted.

ATM: ATMs are widely available throughout Italy. Look for the ‘Bancomat’ sign for machines with multilingual interfaces. Pickpocketing and petty thievery can be problematic in tourist areas, so take care to keep belongings secure and be vigilant when making cash withdrawals.

Currency exchange: Foreign money can be changed at banks, railway stations and airports, and very often at major hotels (generally at a less convenient rate). Typically all credit cards are accepted at ATM‘s throughout Italy, but if you can always check with your bank to be secure.

Banking hours: These vary from city to city but, in general, Mon-Fri 08:30-13:30 and 15:00-16:00.


Italy uses 220V, 50Hz. Italy has its own electrical plug design. For the most part, electrical sockets (outlets) in Italy are their own standard, the „Type L“ Italian CEI 23-16/VII. Also reported to be in use is the „Type C“ European CEE 7/16 Europlug.The standard „European“ two-prong plugs will fit, but grounded (threeprong) plugs from other countries will not. Note that if you have a USB plug/charger, it is likely rated for 100V-220V (usually written on the device), so may only need a plug adapter to charge your phone and/or camera. If not, they are cheap, so you may want to pick one up in country rather than lugging around a converter.

Time Zone

The Italy is on Central European Time – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 1 hour. From April to October is summer time, i.e. GMT + 2 hours.

Wireless Access

Wireless access during the IFSO-EC 2017 Symposium is available in all areas of the Royal Continental Hotel.
Access to the internet will be possible via the WiFi network
SSID (NETWORK NAME): „rgmeeting“.
Password: royalmeeting.

Safety and insurance

As in all major cities, people should be aware of safety risks. You are advised not to wear your conference badge outside congress activities. It is highly recommended that all participants carry adequate personal travel and health insurance. The organizers do not accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. All participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance before travelling to the Symposium.

Important telephone numbers

112: General Emergency for Europe
112: Carabinieri: the Carabinieri usually intervene more quickly than the Police
113: Police
115: Fire
118: Medical Emergency

Taxi service

The best advice is to avoid unofficial taxis and insist that the meter is turned on before setting off. Official taxis are white and can be found at taxi stands in the main piazza. Naples taxis are more expensive on Sundays and holidays and after 22:00 and there are of course supplements for dispatch fees, baggage, etc. The Naples taxi tariff system offers both meter rates and fixed tariffs. All taxis are required to display the Tariff Card (in Italian and English) on the back of the front seat of the taxi to allow the rider to choose either a metered journey or fixed tariff price. If you want a fixed tariff rate however, you must tell the driver that before proceeding.

To pre-book a taxi, you can call:
Consorzio: +39 081 8888
Radio Taxi Napoli: +39 081 5564444
Partenope: +39 081 0101